About Us

About Company

Shah Premium Tobacco International is an Export Oriented Unit (EOU) manufacturing tobacco & cigarettes. Our unit which is a greenfield project is in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.

Driven by values, our company's philosophy is to achieve long-term value in the global tobacco markets, establishing its presence across the globe while working in the best interest of all stakeholders, employees and regulatory authorities.

We are headed by young and aspirational new generation entrepreneurs who are nurtured with the right expertise to help make inroads into the International Tobacco Market. Badar Alam Khan, Chairman & Nasr Alam Khan, Managing Director, bring with them a rich heritage and a legacy in multiple business domains.


Young is Enthusiasm & Liberty means responsibility

Badar Alam Khan, an engineer by profession, is well-known & respected among his peers for his leadership qualities. He carries with him a wealth of business experience in the food & spinning industries.

He says "Our combined efforts are road mapped towards fortifying our market standing in the tobacco segment leveraging our superior qualities, execution excellence, investments in technology and a future ready work culture. Our plans on our communication methods, display venues, themes, merchandise or events & brand associations will be designed to adhere to all guidelines. 'Responsibility' is part of our DNA. "

Managing Director

Quality is Opportunity & Moral code is Sustainability

Nasr Alam Khan has an MBA under his sleeve & flashes his cards on planning and professionalism to the highest degree of perfection. He also contributes to his family OCM (Original Component Manufacturer) business. His spheres are travel & digital acumen.

He says "I strongly believe in collective energy. We are a brawny team set to continuously focus on improving operating efficiencies, forming strategic alliances, and exhibiting strong resilience for over-all performance. All of this and more, aiming to capture a sizable market share while establishing our Indian Brand of Cigarettes globally. We will ensure that in our attempts to maximize effectiveness, we will establish pure legal discipline."

Mission Statement

Globalisation of our cigarette & tobacco brands through prudent partnerships and notable alliances balancing quality, dignity & accountability.

Vission Statement

To be recognised in the international tobacco markets for practising ethical policies, high standards of production & integrity.

Corporate Value

Our commitment to our stakeholders, employees, eco-system and the environment is built on a sense of belonging, responsibility & discipline.

Delivering Results with Dependability