Cut Tobacco

Cut Tobacco

Cut Tobacco & Cut Rag are two terms used interchangeably in different tobacco markets but mean the same product.

The Cut Tobacco is the main constituent in any smoking product whether it be Cigarettes, Roll Your Own (RYO), Pipes, Kreteks and Bidis.

The Process of manufacturing cut tobacco will be undertaken in the Primary Division of SPI Group and it involves the selection of the right quality of leaf tobacco to their cutting, stem expansion, adding additives and blending.

The following are the primary categories of leaf tobacco from which cut tobacco is manufactured


These are light yellow to orange coloured leaves with a very crisp and natural earthy flavour and has been acknowledged as one of the most sought after cut tobacco by smokers across the globe. The leaves colour, flavour, moisture retention, elasticity are flue cured to define its quality.


These are dark and brown coloured leaves with very strong and distinct taste. They have also been largely popular in the American continents. The quality of the leaf is defined by the quality of air curing that it undergoes as well as the climatic conditions in which it is grown. The cut tobacco blend is again defined by the colour, flavour, additives, fine cuts and moisture retention.


The Oriental Tobacco is a small leafy variety sun cured tobacco. It has a spicy and slightly sweet taste, aromatic favour. In a typical English blend oriental tobacco is mixed with Virginia Tobacco creating a distinct and pleasurable smoke delivery. It has blend depth and dimension with its presence and lends character and a distinct flavour to the Cigarettes.


It is a speciality tobacco being a blend of Burley and US Flue Cured Tobacco. It gained its popularity amongst smokers of hookah and pipe smokers. Kentucky is the largest producer of burley, Fire Cured and Air Cured US Tobacco in the USA.

SPIL will be engaged in the procurement of all the above varieties of cut tobacco and other speciality products such as Recon Tobacco, Fine Cut Tobacco & Shag Tobacco in order to meet specific blend requirements for its export products such as Cigarettes, RYO, Pipe Tobacco & Cut Tobacco Blends.

Fine-Cut Tobacco

Narrowly cut leaves and almost certainly the oldest form of smoking tobacco, it is a common household name to describe looseleaf tobacco. It is mainly used in RYO (roll your own) cigarettes.

Suit your style: Blend, Aroma & Flavour

We offer different types of tobacco leaves, which may be combined and blended to create your style.

Tobacco leaves have their own characteristic aroma, colour and flavour. These varieties can be combined and blended to create a different product.

The selection of tobacco with a sharp eye on processing, our offerings of premium cut rag tobacco include custom blends, house blends and flavourful blends.

Suncured Tobacco

The process of sun curing tobacco happens when the time is bright under intense sun. This removes the majority of the moisture. The leaves are spread out on racks and placed in direct sunlight for 12-30 days. Once the moisture is removed the leaves often undergo a secondary curing to complete the process.

The leaves tend to be a yellow to orange color and have a high sugar content. These leaves are small in size and highly aromatic. Many cigarette tobacco blends have traditionally been made with all or majority sun cured tobacco. The mild flavor, strong aroma, and increased acidity is very popular for cigarette and pipe tobacco blends alike.

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